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What is NaKuHel International Preschool?

NaKuHel International Preschool (NIP) is an English-language child development center for children aged 3 – 6 years old.  It emphasizes nature, culture and health while developing the social, physical, linguistic and academic skills of its children.  NaKuHel is an acronym for the Norwegian words for nature, culture and health.  The preschool is a subdivision of NaKuHel-barnehagen SA, a non-profit Norwegian cooperative.

What is the preschool’s philosophy?

NIP uses theme-based activities to foster academic learning with fun and creative activities like painting, crafts and music. The preschool's approach to a child’s social development, however, is primarily play-based.  Much of this play time is outside in a variety of terrains and in all types of weather.  NIP uses nature as its playground.  In addition to encouraging a child’s creativity, activities in nature provide children with physical and personal benefits like improved balance and self-confidence.  There is also an emphasis on nourishment and healthy eating.  The oldest children are challenged at their individual levels and receive extra instruction, all with the intention of preparing them for 1st grade.

Who makes up the staff at NaKuHel International Preschool?

The preschool maintains a staff of English-speaking, internationally educated teachers and child service providers. The number of staff depends on the number of children admitted with a ratio of at least one adult for every 5 children.  

What are the preschool’s opening times?

NIP is open from 07:45 until 16:45 each day, Monday to Friday.  It is closed on Norwegian holidays, during the Norwegian Easter and Christmas periods and the month of July.  There are also 5 planning and training days.

How much does NaKuHel International Preschool cost?

NIP costs the same or less than most Norwegian kindergartens.  The price is currently NOK 3,040 per month plus food, eleven months of the year.

Are there any other fees?

The only other financial requirement is a deposit equal to one-month’s payment.  Assuming payments are up to date, this deposit is refunded when the child leaves the preschool in order to start 1st grade, or moves out of the district.

Where is the preschool located?

NIP is located in a new building at Semsveien 152, 1384 Asker. 

How can I enroll my child in NaKuHel International Preschool?

If you would like to enroll your child in NIP, you should first fill out and submit a registration form.  The form can be downloaded by clicking on the Admissions link in this website's primary menu. Because the preschool has a waiting list, the registration form is an internal method of making sure that all eligible children are considered when vacancies occur.  When a child is offered a place in the preschool, parents who have a personal 11-digit Norwegian identity number can submit their application online. (See the Admissions link.)  

Can I register my child even though he is still located outside Norway?

Yes.  Registration forms can be submitted to NIP even though the child, or family, has not yet moved to Norway.  Just be sure to note on the form a desired start date that is in line with the child’s arrival.

Who is eligible for enrollment?

All children who will be at least 3 years old in the year of their enrollment are eligible to attend NaKuHel International Preschool. Children who reside in Asker kommune are given priority.

My child does not speak English.  Is he still eligible for enrollment?

Yes.  NIP has a program for teaching English as a second language. (ESL)

There is a waiting list for entry into NaKuHel International Preschool.  Will my child have to wait until everyone in front of him is offered enrollment?

No.  The waiting list is not sequential or ordered chronological.  Children who live in Asker kommune at the time of their application are given priority. Other criteria to determine admissions are listed on page 8 of our by-laws. (See the By-Laws link.) Because some children with priority are unable to immediately take over a vacant place in mid-year, the waiting list can be very fluid.

Can we schedule a visit to the preschool?

Because of the amount of interest in NIP, we are not able to host individual visits.  Everyone who has submitted a registration form and would like to enter at the beginning of the preschool year (August) will be invited to an information meeting and visit in the spring.  Others who are given an opportunity to enroll during the preschool year will be invited to visit before they must decide to accept or decline placement in the preschool.

Where can I get more information?

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