Our staff members are:


Ana Jovanovic

Ana Jovanovic

Department Head

Ana came to us from Serbia where she graduated from the Institute of Pedagogy at the University of Novi Sad. Already fluent in English, she taught herself Norwegian and single handedly ran a small day care outside of Oslo. Her initiative and responsibility was enough to attract the interest of NaKuHel barnehage. It was at the barnehage that she learned the NaKuHel concept and nature's role in child development. She has been applying that knowledge and experience in the preschool since August 2016.. 

Daniella Valdvik


Daniella is from England. She was given an opportunity to work in the preschool as a substitute, and, In that short period of time, impressed everyone with her child development skills, hard work and reliability.  She was therefore offered a part-time position in the barnehage to become better acquainted with our program and philosophy. When a fulltime position became open in the preschool, Daniella was the obvious choice to fill it. She contributes to every program offered at the preschool and will soon take full responsibility for ESL.

Works Council

Zack Zacour

Zack Zacour

NaKuHel friluftsbarnehage

Zack has worked with children for over 25 years. In 1994 he established the Internasjonal Sportsklubb, an English language, after-school activities program for students at Oslo International School. The club unfortunately folded when he left to work in the Norwegian school system. He was an English and gym teacher at Hvalstad skole (an elementary school) before assuming responsibility for the after-school program (SFO). After 7 years at Hvalstad skole, he was hired to lead Høgås barnegård, a farm-based kindergarten. In February 2008, he was selected to direct the newly established NaKuHel barnehage, a nature-oriented kindergarten located near Semsvann in Asker kommune. When Asker International School was still in its planning stage, Zack offered to establish the kindergarten associated with the school. This eventually led to the opening of NaKuHel International Preschool. He now works in NaKuHel friluftsbarnehage. Zack has a masters degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma in USA.