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Parents survey March 2017

"The NIP team is very good and highly talented regarding a child's needs."

"I'm amazed at the difference between skills our son has acquired at the preschool and his brother who went to a regular Norwegian barnehage."

"My daughter doesn't want to be absent from preschool even if she is sick!"

Parents survey April 2016

"We appreciate the extra effort the staff puts in."

"We are very satisfied with the preschool."

"I am happy with my son's development in NaKuHel International Preschool."

Parents survey September 2015

"We as parents feel comfortable, respected and cared for. The staff is friendly and easy to talk to, and most importantly very competent teachers."

"Being internationally and culturally aware is important for our family and this is something that NaKuHel encompasses beautifully."

"We are happy with our son's progress at preschool. He has been cared for and learnt a lot in the short time he has been at NaKuHel. And come on leaps and bounds linguistically speaking."

Parents survey April 2014

"We are very pleased with the attitude and attention we get from the teachers."

"Overall I am very happy with the focus on nature and outdoor activities."

"We agree with the school's philosophy and happy that our child gets to spend so much time outside in nature."